Monkey Around & Try It!

Trust us. Monkey Salsa and Jams will be the new favorites at your house. With zero added sugar and zero food coloring, our products are only about taste and quality. Wondering where you can purchase our products? Visit our Product Locator below. Get ready to Monkey Around and give us a try!

Monkey Salsas!

Zero Sugar Added!
Zero Food Coloring!

Big Baby

A kid friendly salsa that
everyone can enjoy.

Hot Mama

Made from fresh
jalapeño and serrano

Screamarita Tequila

A margarita salsa with a
hint of jalapeño.


A habanero salsa made
fresh from only the


For the insanely hot
lover! Made from ghost

Screaming Monkey

HOT! HOT! HOT! 3.5 lbs
of Smoked Ghost

Monkey Jams!

Zero Sugar Added!
Zero Food Coloring!

Jalapeño Jelly

A sweet and spicy
family favorite!

Caramel Apple

Perfect for breakfast,
glazing or on a spoon.

Whiskey Peach

Made fresh with peaches
and a touch of whiskey.

Strawberry Margarita

Made from habaneros
and fresh peaches.

Habanero Gold

Made from habaneros
and fresh peaches.

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Now available in 5 states
with more coming soon!

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