Fresh Ingredients

represent the secret sauce (literally) in making the popular Monkey Salsas, Jams, and Jellies.

Developed in a country kitchen on an 80 acre farm in Wanette, Oklahoma, Founder/Owner Kimberly Fields, followed the advice of her mother and grandmother in building the best products on the market...adding zero sugar, zero artificial flavors and avoiding the 'watering down' of these superior products.

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The demand

As products sold in local Farmers Markets could not be kept in stock...Kim searched for a partner to help scale production and distribution to meet regional (now national) demand.

Today, it is hard to find a product which tastes like the ingredients came directly out of the garden a few minutes ago and mixed together for a superior taste profile.


Monkey Around and Try It!

Top Sellers

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  • Instead of the boring stuff,
    we served the jalapeño jam
    over cream cheese and the
    hot mamma salsa with fresh
    chips. A total hit. The flavor
    was great and memories
    are still excellent. We will
    buy again!
    Layne S.

  • Monkey Salsa is like no other
    in the market. The
    taste/texture resembles
    something Grandma would
    whip up after picking fresh
    vegetables in the garden. We
    love the BIG BABY and HOT
    MAMA products!
    Mary K.

  • "I am a self proclaimed salsaaficionado, and Monkey Salsa istop notch. I have never tasted abetter jarred salsa. Each varietyhas just the right mix of salt,spice and tangy. The same canbe said for the jams. Put someon a biscuit and you will neverdo it any other way again."Brent S.